Massive amounts of data combined with the cost and latency of cloud computing demand a robust edge computing solution.

To perform complex data analytics and execute complicated machine learning models on high volume, high velocity streaming sensor data in a limited memory footprint                           requires competency both in embedded devices and AI ML model.

From building extremely low footprint and low power models on constrained endpoints to bringing full-fledged, high-accuracy algorithms on edge devices, we bring the right solutions      for our customer’s applications.


Cloud infrastructure offers cloud with AI & machine learning, the extensibility, resilience & procurement makes it an ideal choice for building an AI/ML pipeline that bring benefits for end-to-end system.

This amalgamation is far better than curling through the many manual algorithms and paves the way for digital innovation and enables to put data centric vision in to practice and achieve organization goal at faster pace.

With the years of expertise in providing state-of-the-art AI &ML solutions, we understand our customer’s requirements and constraints and build just the right solutions for them. From traditional machine learning to efficient deep learning networks, we use the right model architecture, frameworks, and tools to build a reliable and scalable solution for your application whether on Cloud and Edge devices.


  • 1

    AI potential assessment

    Understanding business needs, data and constraints

  • 2

    Product Definition

    Defining product functionality and integrating data

  • 3

    Go Live

    Building and deploying a customized AI product

  • 4

    Feedback and improvement

    Monitoring and improving with live data


Art of possible

Use case discovery
We help identify opportunities where data can be harnessed through AI and convert them into valuable product-dropdown-list
Feasibility Study
We provide cost effective Feasibility study and support in developing prototypes or POCs to test the viabilty of ML models to address the requirements

Hosting and Maintenance support

We help users to host their models/ applications on cloud/ on premise servers and provide all the required maintenance support for the backend infrastructure.

Solution Accelerators

We provide reusable and customizable AI stack to accelerate AI development and deployment.

Ready-to-use pretrained models Comprehensive library of trainable AI building blocks, advanced programmatic and API interfaces

Solution engineering

We enable cloud/Edge integration of AI and enterprise stack.
Embedded AI for localized AI Solutions

Bespoke Applications

We create AI enabled use cases in numerous verticals, contextualized to the needs of the customer. Our top notch experts are well versed in building and training any custom models according to customer's requirements

AI competency power packs

We will also help create self sustaining AI talent pools that build, expand, enhance and sustain a new operating model driven by AI and ML.

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